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Swimtastic Franchise Opportunities

The Secret to Achieving Your Biggest Dreams May Be Right Here...

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  How would you like to...
  bulletpoint Take control of your future once and for all?
  bulletpoint Create more flexibility in life?
  bulletpoint Escape the 9-5 cycle?
  bulletpoint Build a business for yourself?
  bulletpoint Make a positive impact in your local community?
  bulletpoint Be remembered as the key player in helping to save thousands of lives through swim lessons?


If you answered YES to any of those questions, Swimtastic may be just the right opportunity for you.


Potential Entrepreneurs look at starting their own business for a number of reasons. Some are seeking more control of their future, more flexibility in their life, the proverbial key to the front door and some are looking for more freedom.

swimtastic franchise opportunities

Are you looking for the foundation to build a successful business? Do you want a system to follow that will enable you to reach your goals faster? Some franchisors dreams are to be the biggest and will strive for this at all costs. We however, do not share this dream. We simply want to be the best at what we do. We wish to offer a great service and excel in servicing our customers.

swimtastic franchise

When you measure our on-going support programs, start-up costs, and tools and training, you'll find Swimtastic to be the right company to help build your future.

Swimtastic offers unparalleled training, technical, and business support programs. If you're looking to get out of the gate running you'll find the tools here necessary to do so, allowing you to excel to your full potential faster than ever.

Franchisee support at Swimtastic is taken to an entirely new level. Our number one priority is your success, not collecting the next franchise fee. We are dedicated to finding the right people to join our team; after all, when you place a winning personality in a winning situation, there's not much that can stand in your way. Our franchisees have a very diverse background in both education and work experience, and there's a wide array of characteristics & personality types that lead to success with a Swimtastic franchise. There will always be a handful of select traits and qualities that pave the road for a successful venture through Swimtastic, let's take a peak...


swimtastic franchise opportunities

  Qualities of a Successful Swimtastic Franchise Owner
  bulletpoint Strong desire to succeed and define their own future
  bulletpoint Enjoy children
  bulletpoint Appreciate the necessity of the service we provide - swim lessons
  bulletpoint Seeking a family oriented business
  bulletpoint Team player
  bulletpoint Willingness to set short & long term goals
  bulletpoint Sound leadership skills
  bulletpoint Enthusiastic
  bulletpoint Ethical
  bulletpoint Organized and attention to detail
  bulletpoint Willingness to follow a time tested system
  bulletpoint Enjoy being the boss!



How Do I Learn More?


Our Swimtastic franchise discovery process will assist you in learning more about our company as well as allow us to learn more about you. Our objective is to provide you with enough information to allow you to make an informed business decision. Together we will determine whether the opportunity is right for you. swimtastic franchise opportunities

As you proceed through the discovery process and learn more about Swimtastic, you will find that our real strength is found in our franchisees, corporate staff, and customers. Swimtastic is about family, integrity and trust. We value healthy communication with all of our franchisees. We believe, in order for everyone to experience success, this must be our foundation.

swimtastic franchise opportunities

We strive to put people first, as we know these relationships are our most valuable assets. It's about doing the right thing and loving what you do. If you are looking for a business that can make a difference in your community and in your life, our opportunity is worth your strong consideration.

We are the foundation upon which you can build your dream. We have demonstrated our success at our company owned locations for the past 10+ years and are now sharing that success with our franchisees. There is a need for our services in every market in the United States and we are committed to continued growth in the coming decades.

swimtastic franchise

A Proven Business Model

When you own a franchise you receive turn-key support and a proven business model to help you become instantly operational. As a franchisee this allows you to operate a business and still lead a balanced life between family and career. Take a look at the statistics. Independent businesses experience a failure rate of over 70% within the first five years in business whereas a franchised business has less than a 5% failure rate according to the US Department of Commerce. A franchisor provides support in the critical areas to supplement the efforts and skills of the franchisee. A franchisee has a consistent source of information, support and years of experience whereas the individual business person must rely on his/her own resources.

Why reinvent the wheel? Kick-start your future with a proven business model and a toolbox packed full of tools and instructions for building your dream.

swimtastic franchise

There's No Experience Necessary

No experience necessary - You don't even have to be a swimmer. The skills and qualities we're looking for in a franchisee are not swimming skills. That is what we teach. Our passion is for children and the love of water. We're searching for franchisees that are motivated to learn and follow a system that provides the tools for their success. swimtastic franchise opportunitiesYou don't have to be a swimmer or love the water to enjoy owning and operating a Swimtastic Swim School. But it might just happen. If you love to be around happy children, you'll find owning a Swimtastic Swim School the perfect way to fill your days.

In the crowded world of franchise offerings we stand out as a family oriented business that provides a valuable community service. When compared to other children's service franchises it is important to consider that most parents consider teaching their children to swim a necessity and not a luxury. A business where clients have to look for your service because they know that they must have it for their children. The Swimtastic business model of teaching swimming on a year-round basis has been proven successful with little or no competition.

We have differentiated ourselves from crowded, cold pools - outdated, rigid curriculums - long lines and complicated processes of registration. The service Swimtastic provides to communities has a lifetime value. Children who learn to swim at Swimtastic develop a life-long love of the water. Our parents become loyal to the brand. The Swimtastic brand character will help you create emotional ties to your customers, creating immeasurable value for your business.


  A Glimpse at Some of the Tools We Provide for You to Hit the Ground Running...
  bulletpoint Design, Site Selection, and Building Specifications and Support
  bulletpoint Pre-Opening and Opening Support
  bulletpoint Propriety Curriculum
  bulletpoint Propriety Software with Ongoing Support
  bulletpoint Comprehensive and Ongoing Training
  bulletpoint Operational Support
  bulletpoint Inside Sales Support
  bulletpoint Marketing and Advertising Strategy, Creative and Execution
  bulletpoint Vendor Management/Visual Display
  bulletpoint Experienced and Proven Business Model

swimtastic franchise opportunities


The comprehensive training you will receive as a Swimtastic Franchisee will completely prepare you for all you'll need to know to operate your business. We not only train you on our learn to swim program and the operational aspects of running a swim school, but also on how to maintain a healthy P&L and to understand the power of marketing your new school.

We are a team of passionate professionals committed to helping others experience success. We are honest and sincere in our desire for you to find the personal freedom you are looking for. We are committed to your success.

How Do I Take the Next Step?

Click here to receive more information by completing our interested candidate form and find out more about opening a Swimtastic franchise of your own. Or, jump right ahead to the request for consideration form to be considered for opening a Swimtastic franchise of your own. Could today be your big day?

swimtastic franchise

Decide to take that first step, the hardest part,
and you'll find yourself one step closer to
turning your dreams into a reality...

Swimtastic Swim School Franchise Opportunities

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  Swimtastic Swim School Franchise Opportunities

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