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Swimtastic Stroke Clinics

swimtastic stroke clinicsOne-hour intensive clinics focus on one specific swim stroke. Our stroke clinics refine a particular swim stroke whether it's front/back crawl, breaststroke or butterfly. It may be the extra boost a child needs to pass from their current swim level. To benefit all students, classes are divided into level appropriate groups.

Specially designed for students that want an extra advantage in their swim skills, Swimtastic Swim School's Stroke Clinics are the perfect opportunity for your child to excel at swimming.swim stroke clinics swimtastic swim school

Hover over the location & schedule tab along the top and select your local Swimtastic to view the dates & times for upcoming stroke clinics at your nearest Swimtastic facility.

To reserve your spot in one of our stroke clinics or for help finding upcoming openings, simply fill out our contact form or give us a call at (888) 549-SWIM (7946). Sign up for an added swim skill boost!


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Swimtastic Swim School now features real-time registration online for both swimming lessons & birthday parties. Simply walk through our swim lesson questionnaire or birthday party form to view pricing options & hand-pick current openings in real-time. Complete registration online to secure your favorite time-slot (they fill quick!) or give us a call at 888-549-SWIM (7946)!

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